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*The prices mentioned are the starting prices of the vehicles. The actual prices may vary depending on the specific vehicle.*

Basic Package

Our basic interior package is designed to give your car a deep clean using only high-

quality, non-harsh chemicals. This provides a full interior vacuum, and thorough cleaning of all interior components, including seats, carpets, dashboards, consoles, and door panels. We'll remove any dust, dirt, or debris from every nook and cranny, leaving your car looking and smelling brand new.


We also offer a full exterior wash that includes a meticulous attention to detail, starting off with a full wheel, tire, and wheel well cleaning before spraying off any dirt and foaming the paint while moving to a delicate two bucket hand wash. Following that we spray a ceramic wax to boost the shine and add a layer of protectant. After, we blow it off with high pressure filtered air to eliminate the risk of swirls from towels. All plastics will be coated to look brand new and glass will have a streak free finish to make the final touches matter.

Vacuum Interior

Clean Interior Windows

and Dust Dash





I n t e r i o r

The basic package provides equal craftsmanship as the deep clean does, just excluding heavy stain removal, carpet, and seat extraction. All services above can be provided at an additional cost.


Our Deep Clean package includes everything in our Basic Package, as well as a thorough shampoo and extraction of the interior components, including cloth seats, carpet, and mats. We use high-quality steam cleaning technology to extract dirt and grime from your car's interior surfaces. Perfect if you just bought a used car or if your current car is due for a refresh after a year or two. Completely eliminating all the trapped dirt in the absorbent materials of your car, it will feel fresh off the lot.

(Includes All Basic Cleaning)





You never realize how dirty your car really is until you see the amount of dirt that comes out of a deep interior detail. Even if you don't think you need it, you can be surprised on how much better it will feel and smell after exfoliating all the trapped dirt, grease, and grime out of the soft absorbent parts of your car.

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